When Nonsense Collides!

In-production 1: vector art, part 1

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Cartoonist_at_Large 22nd Jul 2021, 12:36 AM
Well, all them sketches were very well and good - but in the same way that you can't build a viable scientific theory solely on anecdotes, I couldn't actually make my film if I didn't bring them into the wonderful world of vector art! So, in the first stage of production proper, I started the monumental - but enjoyable - task of crafting digital, animatable character poses / models for every single Cosmosian, monster and piece of set-dressing the Monster Movie Survival guide! This first set includes critical infastructure for three particular scenes in the story: a scrolling character roster, a 'military solution' shot (because every monster movie worth its salt has a bit of Army vs. Monster in there), and a perilous escape-by-car (another sci-fi / horror trope). Given that the Cosmos gang doesn't actually get out of the car, there was no point giving Artie, Gene and Jenny legs - or even a right hand, apparently, in Artie's case - although everyone was fully equipped with the ability to blink (extra eyelid layers), change their facial expressions (an assortment of different mouths each), and wave their arms around (rotation points added to the shoulders in AfterEffects); giving them the ability to act accordingly as they flee for their lives! The miltary guys, by contrast, had far more limited functionality, because.... well, you'll see when I post up the film itself.