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Pre-production 2: Storyboardin'!

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Cartoonist_at_Large 24th Jun 2021, 12:59 AM
Although the Monster Movie Survival guide got its footing in the writing of the script, the story didn't really come alive until I properly visualised it - in the form of a nifty-keen cartoon storyboard! Said storyboard served not only as a way to present the plot of the film (which I intended to bring about via a suitably snarky narrator, rather than hiring 7 billion voice actors), but also as a way for me to work out how to lay out my roster of gags and nerd references, and effectively move from one scene to the next; given that each scene was going to be its own little story not necessarily connected to what preceded or followed it. Compared to the final film - be patient, you'll see it - the storyboard is, amazingly, not as densely packed with stuff; containing the key events of the proper animation but lacking many of its running gags, specific scene details and scene transitions (I later decided, for example, to divide the story into 'chapters', each with its own reference-centric title card). Page 5 and 6 of the storyboard, in particular, are very much just 'this pops up, that slides in, this falls over, something runs across the screen - so clearly there was quite a bit of work to do to turn it into a proper film....