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The FuryCon 2019 Exchange, page 3

2nd Jul 2020, 8:22 AM in Crossover Crisis 3: The Continuating!
The FuryCon 2019 Exchange, page 3
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 2nd Jul 2020, 8:22 AM
The secret to success when it comes to my Crossover Exchange stories: rapid-fire, single-panel gags! Each panel on this page is effectively its own little story, based around a particular gag or humorous conversation that contributes to the overall progress of the story; but is also (somewhat) doing its own thing. I usually find it far more straightforward to assemble the story like this, rather than having to worry about having the things happening in each shot link directly to those in the next - they're at FuryCon, they're going to lots of different places and meeting lots of different people, so why overthink it? And of course in doing so we get to see the differing responses of the Rose Thief crew as they experience both the 'Con and their erstwhile tour guides: Iris (party animal that she is) is getting right into the experience, geeking out with the best of them; Basil has a sense of naive wonder about him, absorbing facts and figures from his surroundings like a sponge; and Wilkins.... well, anytime you have a deadpan, straightlaced by-the-booker sharing the same space as the bizarro-world known as Gene, things are bound to get ridiculous. Being a convention-wide round trip, it also gives me plenty of scope for cameos - a certain Mr. Henry Jekyll is walking by in the background in panel two, Basil and Artie are getting lunch from the Cafe on Crepe Island in panel 5.... and do I even need to draw your attention to panel 6? This is a reference to both the gratuitous fight scenes I frequently threw into proceedings in my earlier crossover stories, and a plot thread I decided to cut out of my first FuryCon story in 2018 precisely because it was gratuitous. Said story, featuring the amazing Galaxy Knights, finished on an upbeat - and fight scene-free - note; but originally I was going to have a very different ending. Characters from Botur's Fight Squad would show up, demanding the Galaxy Knights surrender their booth space, just because; the Galaxy Knights would quite rightly take offense, and power up for some impromptu dispute resolution; aaaaaand everything would go belly-up in a panel rather similar to the one that finishes this page! Since I'd avoided fight scenes of any sort for several previous Exchange stories, it seemed fitting that I poke fun at myself by bringing the idea back and allowing myself to indulge in one hit of sweet, sweet chin music; but deliberately making it part of the background of the scene, and not directly part of the Cosmos / Rose Thief shenanigans, to underscore the 'Oh, Jon, not again....' reactions of Gene and crew. But lookit all them characters! The Galaxy Knights, Sir Power, The Knight, Lady Spectra, Centimental, ChromeGnome, Rubble Rouser, the Cognomen....