When Nonsense Collides!

The Fight Squad!

I would simply have put this on my 'Portfolio' page, but no, it deserves an entire section of its own. Botur's Fight Squad is a collaborative project I've been involved with since 2010, when I responded to a 'help wanted' ad on a New Zealand art / design site; posted up by one Michael Botur. And it's one neat project to be involved with: we are slowly working our way through a (periodically updated and revised) list of 333 superheroes, supervillains, vigilantes and other assorted freakish hangers-on, who flail blindly about in a universe controlled by the evil Noosecorp Media empire; who may or may not be intent on bringing about the end of the world for their own mysterious ends! We create character profiles, comic strips, parody ads, filksongs and other parody / satire we deem necessary to inflict on the world - all of which can be seen at: