When Nonsense Collides!


Cosmos isn't just a comic strip - I've used the gang in a number of other projects, both at Yoobee Design School (where I did a four-year stint between 2012 and early 2016) and for other individual and collaborative works! I thought I'd collect them here, with links to the relevant pages on my Behance design porfolio, so you can see all the extra-curricular activities Artie, Gene and co. have gotten up to - and when I come up with something new, I'll add it in so you can see it!

1) Cosmos in 'Craccum' (2000, 2007)

During my seven-year tour-of-duty at Auckland University, I thought I'd try my hand at getting my then-new comic strip published in the Uni magazine (called Craccum, whatever that means); since I noticed they had a pre-existing comics section already. Well, I was certainly successful: they loved it, grabbed a pile of Cosmos scans, and started featuring it (on and off) for virtually the entirety of 2000. Which was good - except the magazine, being a Uni magazine, was somewhat.... low-brow. And getting low brow-er by the month. By the beginning of 2001, it had reached a point where I feared for my character's sanity, given some of the articles / photos / ads they were appearing next to - so I decided to pull the plug until the place was a little more palatable. By 2007 (my last year), it had, sort of, so I gave it another go; although they didn't publish anywhere near as many as they did the first time around, and on a pretty erratic schedule.

2) Artie and Gene guest-star in 'Synergy' (2002 - 2005)

While I was at Uni, I was enticed into a collaborative project with some of my (non-uni) friends: they wanted to create a Star Trek-style spoof comic - eventually named 'New Century Starship Synergy' - featuring them as characters; and would I like to help them bring it to life? Snap, yes: in fact, when it really got going, I was basically given carte blanche to create all the characters, spacecraft, aliens etc. - which is when I had the sneaky idea to stick Artie and Gene in as junior science officers. Everyone gave it the thumbs up, and thus the dynamic duo wreaked their signature brand of havok in several stories in the far-flung future.... 

 3) Character design contest (2012)

I entered my pal Gene in a character design contest at my first year at Yoobee, submitting this nifty model sheet - and dash it all, if he didn't go out and win me second place! Good man! But that's not the coolest bit: everyone who entered, and won, got their characters modelled and 3D printed as a l'il statue on a wooden stand with a plaque!

4) The 'Explorers Inc. Adventure Pack' (2012)

Explorers Inc. are team of Cosmosian adventurers (Artimus Frink, Co-Pilot, Tork and professor pod) who go on epic quests for knowledge and discovery: which made them perfect for this Yoobee assignment, creating a prototype children's 'edutainment' kit all about the wonders of rainforests!

5) 'Cosmos: The animated series' DVD box set protoype (2013)

No, there isn't actually a Cosmos animated series - not yet, anyway - but for the purposes of this graphic design assignment, that was exactly what I was able to imagine! We had to design the packaging, box art, DVD booklet and even the sticky labels on the DVDs themselves, in whatever creative fashion occurred to us.... Unfolded, the DVD turned into an exclusive four-panel Cosmos strip; which, coincidentally, is the first comic in my archives! 

6) Tony Corvell 3D model (2014)

Ohh, this was exciting.... and intensely, intensely time-consuming. In my first film / video course at Yoobee, I encountered the 3D modelling program Maya; in an assignment that involved creating a 'softbody' character and a 'hardbody' accessory. So why would I not give it a Cosmos theme, and bring one of my characters - Tony Corvell, owner of 'Tony's Comic Utopia - to simulated life?

7) 'The Cosmos monster Movie Survival Guide!' (2014)

And if making a 3D model wasn't enough, for my big end of year project, I got to give my new-found knowledge of Adobe Aftereffects and motion graphics to the test, and create.... a Cosmos animated cartoon! Everyone thought I was crazy when I proposed it, and even crazier when they saw all the stuff I intened to do for it - but now they're using it as an example of A-grade motion graphics to scare new students! So how 'bout that?