When Nonsense Collides!

The 2019 Halloween Crossover Exchange, page 5

15th Oct 2020, 4:21 AM in Crossover Crisis 3: The Continuating!
The 2019 Halloween Crossover Exchange, page 5
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 15th Oct 2020, 4:21 AM
Much like the PV script I discussed last time, this last page of the final version of the story took me a fair bit of fiddling before I got it precisely right. I knew I wanted to end the story - including the last two panels of the previous page - to involve both a combined effort by the citizens of Folksington and the Cosmos guys (now freed from their trans-monsterisation by Ffion) to clean up the town, and the final exit of the humiliated and butt-kicked Herbert J. Innsmouth from proceedings. Given that they'd inadvertently been responsible for the rampage-induced damage to Folksington, I thought it was important that Artie and co. be sufficiently chastened to volunteer to do the majority of the heavy lifting, no questioned asked; and apologise to Ffion and the others for causing so much trouble - giving Herbert the Evil Eye as they did so, of course. Perhaps as a hold-over from the PV script, I only had a vague idea of how I was going to deal with Herbert himself, and up until the last minute, the widescreen 'Kaiju mode' panel was going to be the actual end of the story: it was going to fill the rest of the page, and what Herbert is only imagining in panel four was going to be what was actually happening - he was going to be fleeing for his life across the fields from Genezilla, Macy Mothra, Tonygon, Artie Kong and who knows who else! However, I felt that this was A) a bit of a cop-out, and rather a lazy way to just go 'ehh, that'll do', and B) rather a storyline non sequitur - if the Cosmos gang had just been freed from being rampaging mini-monsters, why would they then want to make themselves monsters all over again, this time even bigger and more destructive? That would not make one bit a'sense - so the final row of panels was added, giving the story more depth, some proper closure.... and a way to proper dispose of Herbert, i.e, foisting him off on the Folksington police, in particular the none-too-pleased PC Aman Ansoor (another actual Strangest Coven character and bonus cameo)! I was also able to include another nice little story detail in the very last panel: the table Artie and Gene are lifting back into the shop is the very same one Artie hurled into the street when he was Geekenstein's Monster! He'd want to correct that particular faux pas himself, I'd think....