When Nonsense Collides!

Takin' it well, not at all

20th Aug 2020, 3:04 AM in Old School Cosmos: Cosmosian Love Yodel!
Takin' it well, not at all
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 20th Aug 2020, 3:04 AM
I'm going to come right out and say it: this comic was very hard for me to draw. Having never put my characters through the emotional wringer before, EVER, it felt almost like sneaking up and pushing the poor guys down the freakin' stairs; with Gene, obviously, pushed further-est and hardest! Mr. Ellis is a man ruled by his passions and emotions - he laughs, big, lives big.... and clearly, takes the things he is actually treating seriously (such as his relationship with Jenny) as The Most Important Things Ever. And if he screws them up, he's going to take it very, very hard indeed: it's going to absolutely knock his entire world sideways, and shake his normally unshakable confidence down to its foundations. So no wonder his reaction is so utterly over-the-top! Is this the moment where Cosmos had a big grown-up talk with itself? Quite possibly....