When Nonsense Collides!

Grown-up talk

30th Jul 2020, 3:50 AM in Old School Cosmos: Cosmosian Love Yodel!
Grown-up talk
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Cartoonist_at_Large 30th Jul 2020, 3:50 AM
If there was any doubt that the concept of Gene actually attracting a member of the opposite sex in a proper romantic context had blown his friends' minds, this little discussion should remove said doubt entirely! Macy, clearly the chosen spokesperson for the newly-formed Cosmosian Skeptics Club, has decided that talking this baffling new paradigm through with their target in Veh. Ry. Short. Words. is the only way they can collectively sledge-hammer it into their brains, and somehow, someway, make it all make sense..... Not that it seems to be working, huh, Gene? As I mentioned last time, since the A-team cast coalesced back in 1999, they've had a fairly stable ride: no matter what strange events show up in their lives, things are (generally) returned to the status quo by the end of the episode. Here, though? Someone's taken their little world and Shaken It The Snap Up - so it's little wonder they're makin' like a Flat Earther suddenly teleported to the main observation deck of the International Space Station! They're in for a steep learning curve.... but then, now having made the change happen in the first place, so is Gene....