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Please, please, you're such a tease

21st Jul 2020, 8:20 AM in Old School Cosmos: Cosmosian Love Yodel!
Please, please, you're such a tease
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 21st Jul 2020, 8:20 AM
Let the mind games begin! 2003-Jenny clearly wasn't going to give up the identity of her secret boyfriend without a lot of gleeful stonewalling; not simply to Candice, but also - as I discussed last time - the audience as well. If my audience at the time actually realised that there was anything deliberate in her / my actions, I have no idea, but if nothing else, they knew the story was starting to go.... somewhere. After all, this was the third strip in a row with these new, never-before-seen characters, and the plot in progress was getting veeeeery interesting. Candice, I'm sure, would rather that said story would stop getting there and actually, y'know, arrive - but at this point, there's no respite from the teasing of her potentially-soon-to-be-ex-best-friend. Jenny really was a cheeky little troublemaker from the very beginning, wasn't she?