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The FuryCon 2019 Exchange, page 1

25th Jun 2020, 4:35 AM in Crossover Crisis 3: The Continuating!
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The FuryCon 2019 Exchange, page 1
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Cartoonist_at_Large 25th Jun 2020, 4:35 AM edit delete
Crossover Exchange number the second of 2019 saw the return of possibly the coolest concept for an Exchange theme ever: the Secret Hero-hour Crisis Wars on Indefinite Earths that is the FuryCon pop-culture convention! This isn't just a regular crossover exchange, where individual comics crossover with individual comics; it's a giant everyone's-invited-hootenany where any character from any comic could show up anywhere else, as a background cameo, piece of licensed merch, booth holder or speaker on a panel attended by the characters from the comics you were ACTUALLY drawing your story for! Needless to say, I was up for that; and I'd even gave some thought pre-event to a (very) basic story outline that I could easily plug my exchangee's characters into, developing the plot proper based on what they brought to the table. And thus, I welcomed Jammy the Birb's fantasy comic The Rose Thief into my humble abode - choosing to inflict the Cosmos A-team cast upon Basil the human, Wilkins the butler and (just to add a bit more childlike enthusiasm into the mix) Iris the maid. The implication in the first panel of this story is that - instead of attending FuryCon willingly - the trio instead have been snatched out of The Rose Thief at some random point in the established continuity, and dumped in the midst of the convention without a clue as to what's going on! As result, their reactions to the new surroundings would be natural and unbiased (as well as genuinely naive); necessitating their need for assistance on page 2. And remember what I was saying about gratuitous cameos? Unlike my first FuryCon story, localised primarily in one booth, I decided to distribute character easter eggs throughout the story; as there would be plenty of walkin' and lookin'. And ooooooh, look at all them characters! Aside from the line of posters along the back wall (guest comics I did for Autumn Bay, Variants, Cryptida and Consolers), there are cameos from folks from Botur's Fight Squad, The Under, Mallory Bash, Lectro, I'm not your Friend, Earth in a Pocket, Court of Roses, and Dark Horse - even the mischevious Kremzeek from the 1980's Transformers cartoon! Plus, of course, a certain group of little aqua-green cartoon aliens having a heated argument at far right of the scene: rather critical for moving the story ahead, of course....