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26th May 2020, 7:22 AM in Cosmos Art Gallery: The New Wing!
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 26th May 2020, 7:22 AM
Wheee! Time for a filksong! This one is bit of a first - every other filk or parody song I've done in the past has been based on an actual proper rock / pop / folk song by a well-known musical artist (such as 'We didn't start the fire' by Billy Joel, which became my epic 21st anniversary celebration ballad 'Cosmos is up to something'). For the above bangin' tune, my inspiration came from the classic late 80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song, i.e, making this my very first theme song-based parody! If memory serves, the line 'Cut the power!' sprang into my brain-sponge first; which then lead to the idea of a MST3K-style TV show / movie dissection club.... and who better than Myra and co. to run it? The lyrics came together pretty quickly, for one of my filksongs, although it took quite a few in-depth listenings to the original source material to get the rhythm, cadence and line structure correct. It's just a good thing the TMNT theme song is such a brilliant piece of pop-cultural music, huh?