When Nonsense Collides!

Dance, Magic, Dance!

21st May 2020, 8:38 AM in Cosmos Art Gallery: The New Wing!
Dance, Magic, Dance!
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 21st May 2020, 8:38 AM
Sometimes when I come up with a comic idea, I find that I don't have to build any sort of more complex 'story architecture' around it: the gag, as it stands, is perfect for a single panel slice-of-life scene; an impact that would be diluted and / or diminished if I tried to bolt a whole bunch of 'plot' panels onto it. And what's more fun than watching Artie and co. in dressed up in their Friday night best, dancin' around like overly-sugared 5-year olds? Nothing, that's what! This gag was one of those that came about when a random idea popped randomly into my random head at a frequency commonly known as 'random' - and once I stopped laughing, trying to imagine what kind of uncoordinated dance moves would possibly prompt a full-scale response from animal control, I knew I just had to get the Cosmos gang to try it on for size!Those random ideas: when you have 'em, you write 'em down that very second.... 'cause once they're gone, you ain't never getting 'em back again....