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Have talent, will travel

Have talent, will travel
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Cartoonist_at_Large 5th May 2020, 5:08 AM
Remember what I said a few comics ago about the perplexing habit of cartoon cats to sing at the moon at night, usually on a fence or other high vantage point? Well, here they go again - with the new revelation that, like American Idol or Britain's Got Talent, it's a seriously competitive business! Murph, in particular (supreme egotist that he is) clearly doesn't want to let some mangy, talent-less hack steal his thunder: either HIS songs wake up the neighbours, and incite volleys of rotten vegetables and old shoes, or no-one's do! And who wants to bet that speaker and microphone set-up have been 'borrowed' from one Eugene Ellis, potentially without any permission asked or granted whatsoever? Yeh, I thought so too.