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Don't sweater the little things

30th Apr 2020, 4:40 AM in Old School Cosmos: 2003 - a Murph Odyssey!
Don't sweater the little things
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Cartoonist_at_Large 30th Apr 2020, 4:40 AM
If our house-pets ever stage a grand revolution against our species, I can tell you what will be one of the deciding factors: pet fashions. You know, those creepily-cute little sweaters, and dresses, and Star Trek costumes that people buy to dress their long-suffering fur-babies up in; that they then parade said victims around wearing, completely ignoring the borderline-murderous facial expressions that seem permanently seared onto the cat / dog / rabbit / pygmy bear's faces. Oh, there come such a smiting, those expressions clearly say, just you wait! So consider yourself warned. I can only guess, however, at Gene's reasoning for contributing to this pervasive problem - yes, he does have a moth-like attraction to random crazy things, but one would consider that sticking Murph in what basically amounts to a giant, brightly-coloured tube sock might be a bit much, even for him. Still, maybe he met a reeeeeeally persuasive salesperson when he was at the pet shop.... or Murph was just playing up more than usual that week, and Gene felt he was due a little payback. Yeh, let's go with that one....