When Nonsense Collides!

Oh, it won't hurt, honest

14th Apr 2020, 8:02 AM in Old School Cosmos: 2003 - a Murph Odyssey!
Oh, it won't hurt, honest
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 14th Apr 2020, 8:02 AM
The title for this comic page is one of the 'big lies' told by one's friendly neighbourhood doctor (up there with 'no, no, there shouldn't be any side effects'), which they idly trot out in the belief that this will make you somehow less nervous about what they're about to do to you. Yes, an injection may not 'hurt', but people, seriously, you are still STABBING A RAZOR SHARP METAL NEEDLE THAT HAS NO PLACE BEING IN MY FLESH, INTO MY FLESH--
....anyway. I somewhat sympathise with Murph's plight, here - getting any sort of injection / inoculation / vaccination is a nerve-wracking business at the best of times, and when you're already a twangling bundle of nerves? Yehhh. Gene must have had to fork out quite a few I-won't-sue-if-the-bribe-is-large-enough payments to that poor vet, if he takes Murph to have a health check on any sort of regular basis.... Just be lucky Mr. Catt didn't possess the wherewithal to go boa constrictor on you as well, lady!