When Nonsense Collides!

Battle of wills.... with added sarcasm!

Battle of wills.... with added sarcasm!
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Cartoonist_at_Large 7th Apr 2020, 4:00 AM
Now we're talking! From last time's less-than-gold-plated installment, comes an action sequence worthy of some sort of random movie-style award-type commendation! The essence of any good story is conflict, and any disagreement between Gene and Murph - especially when you throw a visit to the vet into the mix - gives us a conflict ALL IN CAPS, with a double-capital C! And, as an added bonus, we get the latest installment in the continuing saga of 'Can Gene actually understand / hear what Murph is saying?' As I've said in the past, Murph (and Newton) 'think-talk' ala Garfield, a mode of conversation you would think would exclude the comprehension of the non-think-talking members of the Cosmos community, i.e, Artie, Gene and everyone else. But, on and off, here and there, with no real patternicity whatsoever, Gene does appear to respond directly to Murph's comments and questions - such as in the last panel, right here! So who knows. But whether a communication gap exists or not, Mr. Catt's histrionics are certainly having their intended effect: Gene is wondering whether a visit to the vet is worth the effort at all....