When Nonsense Collides!

The Valentines Day 2019 exchange, page 3

19th Mar 2020, 6:42 PM in Crossover Crisis 3: The Continuating!
The Valentines Day 2019 exchange, page 3
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 19th Mar 2020, 6:42 PM
While I was crafting this tale, it occurred to me that I was writing a very different story than usual.... no, really, I was! It may seem like a typical madcap Cosmos outing, but the dynamic between the characters (and their relative positions of authority, shall we say) have been very much reversed. In a normal Cosmos crossover exchange, a significant portion of the main (A-team or B-Team) cast shows up for the party, with everyone contributing to the wackiness in some fashion, backing each other up and interacting with the cast of the other comic/s on a fairly even footing.... well, as even as can be expected with the ol' Cosmos insanity running at full capacity. In this story, however, aside from Jenny and Zoe seeing her off on the previous page, Myra is totally on her own; and finds herself rather outmatched by the exuberant, flirtatious personality of Keisuma the Demon Queen. This time, SHE is the one casting exasperated glances at the audience, and having to play a little game of 'Fish out of Water'; a game usually reserved for other people! So really, the pairing of Myra and Keisuma was utterly perfect - I don't think I could have created such a demented tale if a more harmonious match-up had eventuated. Keisuma knows she's got a live one on her hands, and is taking advantage of Ms. Cunningham's utter stupefaction for all it's worth! She switches to chibi-mode in the second panel due partly to the fact that one of the pieces of art I was working from was a super-deformed Keisuma; but also because the extreme height disparity between the two characters made it rather necessary to fit them both in the frame! Plus, they can now see eye-to-eye, which also helps. I ran through various possibilities for places for Keisuma to drag Myra off to, but a girl's day out in the demon-verse fashion district seemed the most apt - primarily because Myra would probably chew her own leg off before willingly going clothes shopping....