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History lesson bonus content!

History lesson bonus content!
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Cartoonist_at_Large 10th Mar 2020, 9:07 AM
Although Artie and Gene were a fun addition to the Synergy cast, they were only a minor part of the complete Spacefleet experience - the rest of the crew, to say nothing of various sundry alien races (Martians, Venusians, Ru'Tek, Femorrans and more), were what the series was really about. New century Starship Synergy focussed primarily on the main bridge crew, based - as stated previously - on the group of nerdy-cool computer people I was doing the comic for: Admiral Pete, Captain Dave, co-helmsman Mr. Duncan, communications officer Ivan (design based on Alexi Sayle's character in 'Revelation of the Daleks'), 'Tech officer' Mr. Jeremy (the running joke being that since his job description was so vaguely defined, no-one was ever sure what he actually DID), Science director Mr. Ray and chief engineer Mr. Hamish. In addition, there was the Spock analog Mr. Vorik (Dave's lieutenant commander) and Duncan's far-more-competent helm-helmer (and four-armed robot) X-33; as well as the long-suffering 'femme squad' of Mera K'lntara (science), Jessica Chan (security), Dexx Paniccio (astronavigation) and Daffy Demarr (engineering), who had to put up with the antics of Dave and co. Throw in Ensign Catt, alien oddballs such as Alpha-Nine, Jerrik the Venusian head of security, and Dave's pet Murray I. Guana, and you had the makings of a galactic smotgasbord! Or utter, unmitigated chaos, as was usually the case....