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History lesson, page 10

History lesson, page 10
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Cartoonist_at_Large 5th Mar 2020, 12:55 AM
Back to the framing sequence.... and the end of the story! Gene's bit of exposition in the first panel neatly lampshades the whole 'How on earth did Artie and Gene manage to become SpaceFleet officers?' thing, explained as one of the perks of having a cartoonist working on two comics at one - i.e, guest-spots by characters from one comic in the other comic are pretty much mandatory, logic (and Spacefleet's bureaucratic red-tape) notwithstanding. It's also nice to see Gene feels a bit guilty about Celia Brooks, seeing her small-scale freak-out after their meeting - something that normally passes him right by.... although Artie is also completely right in stopping him from barging back in to clumsily beg forgiveness: one dose of Gene per day is definitely enough, and another would just make things worse. In the 6th panel, the fellow enthused about MST3K: The movie is one Ensign Catt (AKA Hector Catt), a 'refugee' from another, very short-lived comic series prototype I did back in 2001; whom I moved into the Synergy-verse (along with his owners, who became a repair technician and a medical officer, respectively) to save them from the dreaded doom of character oblivion. He and a few of the other Synergy folks occasionally make cameos in the New-school era of Cosmos, such as in various Crossover Exchanges and filksongs.... 'Cause you don't let guys like that go to waste!