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History lesson, page 9

History lesson, page 9
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Cartoonist_at_Large 3rd Mar 2020, 3:05 AM
One thing I remember about this story (the Cosmos version of it, anyway) was that I had originally planned to have Gene visit one or possibly two other comic strips after being unceremoniously kicked out of 'Galaxy Gals' - which is possibly why he was only there for three strips - but before he arrived back in Cosmos; resulting in a 'grand saga' of a story over multiple installments. For whatever reason, however, I never took that extra step: it may have been because I simply became busy at university, and had to curtail my vision; or because I couldn't think of what other comics to plug Gene into, as beyond Synergy I didn't have anything else ready-made to utilise; or I decided it would be too hard to come up with story ideas that weren't repetitive if I stretched the story out to three 'encounters'. Whatever the reason, the Cosmos version simply ended with three 'I'm falling' gags (only the first of which I retained for this version of the story, as the other two really WERE repetitive), before Gene arrives back home. This does make the original ending seem a bit.... abrupt, but for the purposes of the Synergy version - which, as I've noted, was sufficiently bulked out with new story material - it worked just fine. Quite what I would have done here if I'd actually drawn the extra 'Gene Crossovers', I don't know (left them out, possibly?); but I generally consider this version of the story to be the 'definitive' one, as it feels more complete in and of itself than the original.... which is why I've posted it up rather than the individual Cosmos strips. Well, aside from the fact that it's a crossover with freakin' New Century Starship Synergy!