When Nonsense Collides!

History lesson, page 7

History lesson, page 7
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 25th Feb 2020, 1:28 AM
Rather than simply go all-reprints, all-the-time for the rest of this story (not exactly possible, as there were only a finite number of Cosmos strips set on the USF Alexis; and all of them would have fitted on one A3 sized page), I augmented the original material with extra scenes set between one strip and the next, and further 'asides' in the space station framing sequence. There is, in fact, only one Cosmos-sourced set of panels on this page (the second row, from 'That lifeform we detected' to 'Security!') - everything else was created especially for the Synergy story, as I needed a bit more context (and breadth and depth) for Gene's on-board shenanigans. For example, we never originally saw how he actually got onto the ship in the Cosmos version, and simply remained on the bridge for the rest of the 'Galaxy Gals' sequence even after security was called. Here, though, he goes away, does some stuff, and later sneaks back in again; which makes more sense. Oh, but that poor science officer: she not only has to give Gene a medical exam - no doubt weathering an onslaught of off-colour jokes and snarky one-liners as she did so - but is also at ground zero when he reveals his rather disturbing cross-species love-crush on attractive humanoid females (clearly, this is set before he met Jenny; otherwise his lifespan would have been abruptly shortened upon arriving back on Cosmos!)