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History lesson, page 4

History lesson, page 4
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Cartoonist_at_Large 13th Feb 2020, 2:56 AM
The plot, she thickens! Is there an entry in the Galactic Medical Handbook for a very rare but very violent allergic reaction to Type 3 Cosmosians who just happen to be named Eugene Carmichael Ellis? Judging by the above full-metal freak-out, just such a condition is on full display right here! Bet you want to see the backstory to this, huh? Well, just be patient, and it will be addressed.... In terms of this pages delights, however, The fellow politely (if pointedly) telling Artie to escort Gene outside is one Admiral Pete, a comic avatar of one of the guys I was doing the comic with / for back in 2003. And this clearly a high-class gig, if they're handing around Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters! Our mystery woman also raises an interesting question: how on earth did Artie and Gene manage to find gainful employment in Spacefleet, let alone make it through all the training and education cadets no doubt have to go through to get to that point? To say nothing of the preliminary security screenings to weed out lunatics, malcontents and other assorted whack-jobs? Either they got a very special dispensation from someone (me?) and were waved through on the strength of a truly COLOSSAL bribe, or the 'legacy' of Spacefleet is built on nothing more than a flimsy tissue of lies, lies and damned lies! Y'know, I'm just sayin'.