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History lesson, page 1

History lesson, page 1
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Cartoonist_at_Large 4th Feb 2020, 2:38 AM
No, you haven't tuned into the wrong comic - this is definitely Cosmos! Back in 2003, I was actually working on two comic projects simultaneously: Cosmos itself, and (with a group of sterling chaps including the late, great Jeremy Riley) a Star Trek-esque sci-fi parody comic called New Century Starship Synergy. Quite how I managed to find time to work on this thing with not only Cosmos but also University breathing down my neck, I don't have a clue; but, somehow, I managed it, crafting a number of comedic tales - as well as designing pretty much every character, spaceship and planet in that entire universe. The link to Cosmos comes from a doodle I did during the development phase of Synergy, which showed Artie and Gene decked out in science officer uniforms; basically because Why Not. Whether I intended it as a joke or not, Jeremy saw the doodle, laughed his face off, and basically assumed that he'd be seeing the dynamic duo running around on board at some point. Soooo, there it was. I was actually quite restrained in my usage of Artie and Gene in Synergy: they didn't show up in every story, and when they did they rightly played second-fiddle to the rest of the crew (played, in part, by caricatures of the group Jeremy and I were collabing with). In only two stories did they take (somewhat) centre stage - and this one is the first of those, drawn after the first few 'issues' of the main comic but set (confusingly) before Issue 1. Astrostation 81-X is sort of a cross between Deep Space Nine and a luxury cruise liner: a meeting place for beings from all across the solar system - including Earth, Mars, Venus, RuTek and Greenworld - suitable for both strategising and socialising, such as the symposium we see in panel 2. And who, pray ask, are the 'gatecrashers'? Well, I'll give you one guess....