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'Cosmos is up to something' 8

'Cosmos is up to something' 8
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Cartoonist_at_Large 28th Jan 2020, 7:56 AM
We're into the home stretch, filksong fanatics - only two more verses and the final reprise (Thursday's installment) to go! And with these two verses comes one of the most reference-packed parts of the song, bar none: remember what I was saying last time about the whole two-song-parts-per-page-uneven-distribution-of-verses-and-choruses thing? This is the exact opposite of last Thursday, people! (Cracks knuckles) The lovely young lady in red and black in the centre of the picture is the superhero Guardian Angel, from one of my other comic worlds; who made a cameo appearance in the 2002 story 'Train of Thought' (from that one and only Cosmos comic book I must have mentioned in previous parts) - and had the extreme misfortune to run face first into the unrestrained id, ego and superego of our friend Gene, as he and Artie navigated the inside of my head! To her left is Mr. Ellis in the guise of the eponymous 'Old Man Gene', who griped and complained his way through the (sadly unfinished) very final story of the Old-school era, back in 2007. Science Trousers? What the flip-flopping-flippity-flop are Science Trousers? Well, we never see them on-screen, but apparently they are essential to Professor Pod's unravelling of the mysterious force (otherwise known as Comic Fury's 2017 Character Exchange crossover event) rippling through the multiversal aether! The Red Iceberg, meanwhile, is another bad 1970's Cosmosian TV shows (of the same vintage as 'Empire of the Ape'), which attempted to be a cross between The Avengers and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.... but failed miserably in only one-and-a-half seasons. Ahh, Billy the Intern - I see you there, at bottom left, full of naive optimism and boundless enthusiasm: shame it crumbled so suddenly when you got hired on as Irma Finchley's hapless bureaucratic minion, huh? Why couldn't you have been like the looming horror that is Megajon, rampaging through the city in the background? (Yes, that is me in a kaiju suit. Shut up.) He went toe to toe with both Genezilla and Robot-X back in the Old-school era, and very nearly wrecked up the place! Candice - in the background next to Guardian Angel, with her friend Miko - was introduced in the same story as Jenny, back in 2003; but has only managed bit parts over the years.... which is a shame, because she has a lot of common sense inside her noggin, and has survived both the angst of Macy and the snark of Myra in her time. Also sidelined more often than he should be is the mighty Captain Confusion, star of one of Peter and Timmy's favourite TV shows and two-time protagonist in a pair of Crossover Exchange stories; teaming up with both the Wyrecats and Peregrine--

Holy haberdashery, we're only through the first verse.


Murph and Newton (hanging out with their ultimate nemesis, The Dog Next Door, and listening to Zoe singing) are my contribution to the 'talking cartoon animals' trope; being Gene's pet, Artie's barely-tolerated lodger, and death on finned limbs, respectively. They first showed up together in 2000, although Murph himself debuted during 1999. 'Geek my Ride', by contrast, is a TV show idea concocted by Tony and Artie; showcasing vehicle owners who have crafted physical manifestations of their love of popular culture in the form of tricked-out cars, bikes, vans and other conveyances. FuryCon - another crossover exchange confection - is a place where Geek My Ride would be right at home, being the Comic Fury multiverse's version of the New York ComicCon.... only louder! Girls Aloud is a set of New-school era Themed Randoms focusing exclusively on Cosmos' female cast (Macy, Myra, Candice, Zoe; while Comic Jam was a crazy experiment in free-form comic strip construction from the Comic Fury forums; and 'missing pets' is clearly a reference to a Murph story I did back in 2005: Cat on the Lam! Marco Zimmerman - bottom left, mocking Billy - is indeed a bore; as he serves the role of 'moronic bullying thug' in Peter and Timmy's neighbourhood, such as in my New-School era story Voyage to the Bottom of the Street. And the Cos-tastic Four? Only the stars of the World's Greatest Comic magazine, and the superheroes that no-one knew they needed, and really didn't think they wanted.... until they did!