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'Cosmos is up to something' 7

'Cosmos is up to something' 7
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Cartoonist_at_Large 23rd Jan 2020, 8:40 AM
The best thing I discovered when turning my filksong into an illustrated story is that it is composed of 16 sections (10 verses, 6 choruses) - meaning that with two sections per page, I had exactly the right number of pages (with the addition of a cover) to neatly fill every post for the entire month of January! Perfect a precisely month-long celebration of Cosmos' 21st anniversary, right? The only problem has come with my commentary of each page: where there are two verses per page, I'm left juggling almost too many references / characters / events to comment on; whereas if there's a verse and a chorus (especially this time around, where the chorus is half the usual length), I have almost not enough to talk about! Still, now that I've done all this explanatory blathering, it's not so much off an issue - so what do we have here? Big Bob is Tony Corvell's arch-nemesis, a corner-cutting, customer-swindling conman who has more dodgy businesses on the go than one would think feasible; but no-one's stopped him yet! Robot-X (hanging up the banner advertising the glory of Tony in 3D, on the right), meanwhile, is Professor Pod's secret weapon when giant monsters (such as Genezilla) threaten the safety of Cosmos - piloted by himself and Artie in snazzy super-suits! All the brochures and flyers piling up around him are the physical expression of the Annual Obligatory Christmas Junk Mail Joke, a gag which claims to be a Cosmos Christmas tradition.... but actually shows up about as often as snow in the Cosmosian winter, i.e, hardly ever. It dates from the old-school era, but of even greater vintage is Cosmos Trek (it's in my blog, somewhere near the beginning) - one of my very first committed pop-culture parodies, all the way back in 1999; where the crew of the Starship Denterprise are invaded by something worse than a million Borg - obsessive fans! Right in the front row are the A-team cast fleeing from that pesky, pesky zombie, who you may remember (when looking for the ever-famous 'Foink Face') from a certain halloween story called Prom Zombies.... Run, my friends, run! He's right behind you!