When Nonsense Collides!

'Cosmos is up to something' 6

'Cosmos is up to something' 6
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Cartoonist_at_Large 21st Jan 2020, 8:35 AM
It's all on like a certain barrel-throwing arcade game ape this time around - there's not one but two fight scenes going on here! Indoors, we have the buster of bugs, the inquisitor of insects: Pestman! He showed up in an old-school Cosmos tale, coming to the aid of Peter and his family when their home was overrun by pesky, pesky roaches! Er, things did not turn out well. Outdoors, meanwhile, it's a battle of the copyright-baiting titans; with the Unpredictable X-People (from both the 'Hulk Out!' story and 'Draw your characters as...') taking on the cast of Vive La Decepticon! It's X-men vs. Transformers, baby! Empire of the Ape, of course, is that crazy Cosmosian TV show we saw in 'The Great ComicCon caper!'; while the Fanboy mafia is a very briefly-seen glimpse of Cosmosian organised crime from waaaay back in 1999, whom menaced Ax, Macy and Artie (in their first appearances together, ever!) after Mr. Maxwell purchased a rare comic! The lovely gothic vision the foreground of the scene is Myra, following her makeover in the 2019 Valentines blind date crossover exchange; accompanied by the demon fashion consultant Bradley! Background, stage left (next to a Fanboy Mafia agent in his cunning 'flowerpot' disguise) is the candidate for the Republicrat Party, introduced via the wonders of Cosmos' new-school Randoms strips. And back in the earlier days of my Comic Fury tenure, I did a guest comic for RE:SET.... and then a special bonus one where the worlds of RE:SET and Cosmos doth collide! You've got to watch my characters: if you're not careful, they'll start getting all sorts of places they're not supposed to....