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'Cosmos is up to something' 5

'Cosmos is up to something' 5
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Cartoonist_at_Large 16th Jan 2020, 6:38 PM
From a scene of utter monster mayhem (see last installment), to a far more upmarket setting: the Pago Grande art gallery! And in this veritable nexus of culture and refinement, we find a whole cavalcade of Cosmos history.... Baffling Downs, for example, is the small 'English' town where Peter, Timmy and the B-team cast hang out, and the Demon hordes of Rastuflaxx are the woefully-unprepared invaders that showed up at the end of my second-ever crossover exchange story! Zee Zee, along with her artistic chums Terri and Jeff (centre foreground of the scene, looking at the statue of Jamie Styles, a character who may - or may not - be somehow related to Macy, and showed up once, and never again), are old friends of Macy, and were invited to her obsessively-micromanaged Christmas party in 2010; while Cosmos Lite (on the wall above Zoe's head) is one of the most bizarre old-school Sunday strips I ever did, bar none. Stuff-U-Like? That's the big department store in which Gene earns his weekly wage (in the electronics department, naturally). Nodgeball? The game Ax and his sporting crew are playing on the lawn at top right. On the wall in the background (to the left) is the poster for Cosmos' first animated feature, 'The Cosmos Monster Movie Survival Guide' - which will be showcased on this site sometime in the future; while next to it are components from the 'Cosmonopoly' board game prototype I did waaaaay back in 2000 (head to my Blog page to find that). Darth Morton - statue, right foreground - was a Sith-wannabe that Artie and Gene encountered when they ended up in Star Wars: Episode 1 (!) in 2001; while Emperor Zagthorr (looking at said statue) was a much more successful villain from another old-school Cosmos Sunday strip; and the 'Bod Muncher X-50' was one of those crazy exercise machines you see in stupid, stupid infomercials. Randoms, finally, are Cosmos' bread and butter, being single-serve comics on any old subject and (back in 1999) an evolutionary hot-bed for the embryonic Cosmos cast! How 'bout that?