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'Cosmos is up to something' 4

'Cosmos is up to something' 4
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Cartoonist_at_Large 14th Jan 2020, 8:00 AM
Who wants a gratuitous giant monster battle-scene? That's what's dominating the cavalcade of Cosmos references in this installment of our continuing filksong - the massive (you could say daikaiju-sized) rivalry between the kings of the Cosmonsters, GeneZilla and Artie-Kong! GeneZilla first showed up in mid-2001, while Artie-Kong started off in a few doodles a year or two after; before getting his big chance in a Kong-parody story in 2005. And all those characters (and extra additional references) fleeing from them? Well, let's see: Umbar and Irwing - on either side of Zoe - are a pair of hapless robot archaeologists from 1 bazillion AD, who excavated ancient Cosmosian relics in 2002's 'Future Tense!'; while Peter's 'schemey scheme' (and the Seaview Jr.) both showed up in 2010's 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Street'. Yonan the Bard-barian - and his trusty steed Dolores - are even more recent again, being a illustration prompt in a 2018 'Draw your characters as....' challenge on the Comic Fury forums. Doominator (robot, far left, next to Myra) challenged Buzzsaw Bandit for battlebots supremacy in 2004's 'Robot Rumble!'; while The Games Nest is Myra's personal video gaming lair (i.e, her flat, shared with several other gamer geeks). Jenny's Foink Face was made during the proceedings of 2008's 'Prom Zombies!'; and another 'Draw your characters as....' prompt resulted in the 1980's hair-metal / synth rock grrrrl band Space Invaderz! Finally, the 'Fridge that Time Forgot' was possibly the weirdest Edgar Rice Burroughs parody ever, taking place in that one-and-only Cosmos comic of 2002, that I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere in here before! Phew.