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'Cosmos is up to something' 3

'Cosmos is up to something' 3
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Cartoonist_at_Large 9th Jan 2020, 6:46 PM
What a deranged range of arrangements all these characters and events make! Just goes to shows ya what a crazy history Cosmos has had over the years, huh? Buzzsaw Bandit (the little orange and yellow robot down at bottom left), for example, debuted during Artie and Gene's attempt to break into the professional robot combat circuit - think Battlebots - in 2004's 'Robot Rumble!'. The origin of Professor Pod, by contrast, actually predates the first Cosmos comic (3rd January 1999) by 6 months; being a character I idly doodled at animation school, and the first character to utilise the distinctive Cosmosian aqua-green skin-tone! 'Untamed Voyage'was a cheesy Cosmosian sci-fi film featuring Leonard 'Crash' Henderson, who also starred in the equally cheesy TV series 'Empire of the Ape' back in the 1970's; while 'The Fridge that Time Forgot' was a multi-page comic story created for the one-and-only Cosmos printed comic book in 2002. And Comic Fury's contribution to the Cosmos legacy is on full display, here - Zoe is making (and surrounded by) references to Crossover Exchange stories: the star of Reptyllon the Unbelievable rampages in monochrome at top left, the fishy cult leader from Lovecraft, Actually glowers at Zoe from bottom left; and the B-Team cast, all dressed up their Transformers cosplay from the Furovision talent contest, rock out at bottom right! Dr. Nitro, (the local neighbourhood doctor doomed to keep running into Artie and Gene) hails from the first few months of 1999, being one of the first supporting characters in the A-team cast to show up; and The Mystery Rock? Well, you'll just have to wait and see on that one....