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'Cosmos is up to something' 2

'Cosmos is up to something' 2
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Cartoonist_at_Large 7th Jan 2020, 7:48 AM
Zoe has tuned up her l'il gee-tar, and she's all ready to belt out some lyrics! And what lyrics they are, being a smorgasborg (Resistance is Futile) of references to all points of Cosmos history! Mail-X, for example, is a robot mailbox I drew for a comic story waaaay back in 1999; which only lasted two strips until I realised I had no idea where the story was actually supposed to go! Explorers: Inc., meanwhile, came along in 2001, comprising Artimus Frink, Co-pilot, Professor Pod and (many years later) Dr. Cuthbert Applebee. They had the honour of starring in my end-of-year design school project in 2012; the edu-comic Rainforest: Ho! Daring-Devil and Artie-Hulk both appeared in the 2003 story Hulk Out!, while Peter, Timmy, Jamie, Wendell, Mindy and the Tolstoy Twins make up the Cosmos B-Team cast. Ensign Catt, Elita-3, Murray I. Guana (between Zoe and Artie-Hulk, in the foreground) and the silver n' blue shuttlecraft flying past Explorers Inc. all come from the Star Trek pastiche New Century Starship Synergy, a collab between myself and the late, great Jeremy Riley! The Dog Next Door is Murph and Newton's arch-nemesis; Were-Jon is me affected by the full moon; 'Full Moon Fever' is the same, just happening to Gene; Tony Corvell and GrandeCon are our gateways to Cosmosian geek-culture; and Irma Finchley is an officious, humourless bureaucrat who nearly took over Cosmos (!) in the 2004 story 'Hostile Makeover'! And Ex-Am-In-Ate? Let's just say it's the substitute teacher the B-team cast hope they they never, ever have to meet again...