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'Cosmos is up to Something' 1

'Cosmos is up to Something' 1
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Cartoonist_at_Large 2nd Jan 2020, 1:20 AM
Can you believe it? Cosmos is celebrating it's 21st anniversary-birthday-thing! This month (tomorrow, the 3rd of January, in fact) marks exactly 21 years since the evil goblins inside my head coerced me into putting pen to paper and creating the very first Cosmos comic strips - and from those humble beginnings we find ourselves here, about to experience the musical stylings of our resident songstress Zoe Zero-zero! As befits the occasion, I've put together quite possibly my most epically-complicated filksong ever, based on Billy Joel's titular 'We didn't start the fire'. Much like his ballad references a panopticon of people and events from the 20th century, all in rhyming iambic pentameter, 'Cosmos is up to Something' references characters and stories from my comic's long and varied history - this was not an easy task, as I often had to find very.... creative ways of getting many references to fit the flow and rhythm of the original song (as I not only had to match the words, but also the number of syllables on each line!). Nonetheless, I persevered, and finally I (and Zoe) are able to present our magnum opus to you, exactly as nature intended! Play on, Ms. Zero-zero....