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....swapping clothes

21st Nov 2019, 6:33 AM in Draw your characters....
....swapping clothes
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 21st Nov 2019, 6:33 AM
This prompt was - initially - a difficult one to draw something for. As Cosmosians fit into a series of 'Types' that generally adhere to a generic-ish body form, swapping clothes between, say, Gene and Jenny, or Ax and Macy, wouldn't really produce a strikingly different result; if any. Spreading the net out a bit wider, swapping between the more 'body-diverse' Characters - like, for example, Jenny, Myra and Zoe - would certainly work, but I really wanted a good gag to go with it. Which is when the little light bulb went on inside my head: it could be one of Gene's 'Brilliant Ideas', designed as a hilarious prank, but lacking the essential quality.... known as rational thought. Quite why he thought swapping clothes (well, hat and hoverboard) with Ax would bear fruit, who knows....