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.... On vacation

14th Nov 2019, 8:42 AM in Draw your characters....
.... On vacation
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Cartoonist_at_Large 14th Nov 2019, 8:42 AM
The B-Team Cosmos cast (Peter, Timmy, Jamie, Wendell and co.) often get the short end of the stick in terms of screen-time, so whenever a chance to let them run rampant occurs, I will take it in hand and run! Case in point: the next prompt that showed up in the 'Draw your characters' thread - a bit of vacation shenanigans. Without further adieu, I transported the B-teamers and their families (as well as new girl Sandy Cosford, last seen in 2018's School Daze story) to the Casa Del Paradiso hotel resort; where they got up to their usual mirth and mayhem in the palatial surroundings of the resort's swimming pool. No roughhousing, kids! Whoops, too late...