When Nonsense Collides!

Smash hard.... or go home!

17th Sep 2019, 1:40 AM in Old School Cosmos: Hulk Out!
Smash hard.... or go home!
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 17th Sep 2019, 1:40 AM
This is one comic that definitely benefited from me actually going to see the movie, before I committed myself to the entire story arc - the 'insider info' Artie and Gene are geeking out over here is something I only discovered myself upon watching it, if memory serves. I have no idea why Marvel decided to add this extra element to the Hulk's transformed state, given that he's already, y'know, gimongous and rampaging and stuff already: you see the bit where he's smashing his way through the Hulkbuster base, and punches up through a hatch to give the assembled troops above the ol' hairy eyeball, and you're thinking "Yehhhh, perhaps he's a bit TOO big, now?" Still, it set itself up nicely for a let's-take-this-to-its-not-so-logical-conclusion Cosmos gag, so I can't really complain, right?