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Tony in 3D! (Part 1)

30th Jul 2019, 3:28 AM in Design School 5
Tony in 3D! (Part 1)
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Cartoonist_at_Large 30th Jul 2019, 3:28 AM
After two years doing graphic design at Yoobee Design School, I moved onto their video and animation program; the first year of which was a smorgasbord-of-everything-so-you-can-figure-out-what-you-like-best sort of thing. Script writing, film production, video editing, motion graphics, sound design.... and 3D modelling. Using the program Maya, we explored a whole variety of different projects to get to grips with designing and sculpting things in 3D - before entering into a final assignment for the module, wherein we had to create both a 'softbody' (i.e, character) model and a 'hardbody' (prop or scenery element) model; and integrate them into a scene of our choosing. Since I'd had ready-made subject matter in the form of Cosmos to work with in the past - see Design School 1 thru 4 for evidence of that - it didn't take me long to figure out who would make the most visually-interesting 'softbody' model..... one Tony Corvell!