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SOCC: the Christmas production 4

6th Jun 2019, 3:31 AM in Son of Crossover Crisis!
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SOCC: the Christmas production 4
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 6th Jun 2019, 3:31 AM edit delete
The actual Peregrine and the actual Captain Confusion have dropped by to watch the production also about Peregrine and Captain Confusion? Looks like this crossover exchange is a story, within a story.... within a story! Interestingly, this plot twist was how I was going to end the Cosmos / Wyrecats story in last years Summer Exchange - with the 'Cats watching their toy avatars being put through their paces at the beach, and wondering rather bemusedly who had signed the action figure license without telling them! However, it was merely in a single throw-away panel, and the story did not suffer from its removal. This time around, however, the plot twist added a rather fitting denouement to the action - in his own comic, Peregrine routinely suffers from self-doubt about his job as a superhero, and Captain Confusion clearly decided his colleague needed a mid-mission Christmas gift, in the form of a reminder that he truly was appreciated and respected; even on a far-flung world such as Cosmos! Both actual-Cap and actual-Peregrine, therefore, had good reason to be in the story commenting on the action. As Peter and Co's play came to its own natural end at that point, I was then free to provide a Whuh The Huh?! ending by allowing Cap and Peregrine to travel on to their original destination - and come face to face with some nifty 3D Space Invaders aliens! Get out that all-Rush mix-tape, fellas; you're in for some fun times....