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SOCC: the Christmas production 3

4th Jun 2019, 8:16 AM in Son of Crossover Crisis!
SOCC: the Christmas production 3
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Cartoonist_at_Large 4th Jun 2019, 8:16 AM
Fun fact: I redrew the first panel on this page about 700 bazillion times, for any number of reasons; as no matter what I tried, it just would not come out right. I think the whole mess started in thinking it would be a good idea to a) momentarily move the action inside the puppeteering booth so we could see all the props and stuff around Peter and co. (good idea), while still having them holding their puppets up above their heads as they talked, with said puppets gesticulating along with the argument as if it was part of the plot (less good idea). Realising, however, that 'up' was also where the speech bubbles were going to go, and everything above a certain height would end up awkwardly cropped off or covered over, I attempted to fudge the layout so that (somehow) I could fit all the vertical distance into, well, far less vertical distance; and my brilliant-idea-that-I-just-had-to-stick-with-because-it-was-going-to-work-honest would come to fruition. Ohhhhh dear. In the end, I slapped myself across the back of the head and said 'Puppeteering arms down, dammit!' for the betterment of the entire universe....
Galvatron was also a fun challenge, as - perfectionist that I am - I had to make sure that all his body detailing and proportions were as close to the original toy as possible, from panel to panel and pose to pose (based on images in a very excellent Japanese toy magazine). Interestingly, Peter seems to have scored himself not just the original G1 Galvatron toy, but a 'cartoon-accurate colour scheme' reissue that was only released in Japan for a short period during the mid-2000's. How the flip-flopping-flippity-flop did he get his hands on that?!