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SOCC: FuryCon 3

25th Apr 2019, 8:15 AM in Son of Crossover Crisis!
SOCC: FuryCon 3
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 25th Apr 2019, 8:15 AM
Ohhhhhhh boy, did that first panel take some time to do. This (and the cameo-fest panel that followed) were one of the reasons I decided to trim my story down from 5 pages to 3 - as I not only had to do all that detail, I also had to colour it all in; working out a coherent and consistent colour palette for all the epic merch the Knights were selling. Said colour palette, of course, was based on key colours used in a series of character profiles Snuffysam posted on his site, as well as the strip's logo - got to acknowledge your source material, kids!
The excised fifth page of this story came after this one, following on from Macy's angry 'fight scene' comment: with a thundering rumble, a gang of assorted lunatics from Botur's Fight Squad would turn up in a giant tank-like vehicle, demanding that the Galaxy Knights clear their junk out of the booth space so they, the superior characters, could set up shop there! The Galaxy Knights take exception to this, and.... cue fake promo for a 'next time on FuryCon' battle royale, with the Cosmos gang caught in the middle. I was going to do this as I had never had Botur's Fight Squad in an Exchange story before, and the two groups about to face off would have made a great visual; but aside from not having time to do it, it just felt a bit gratuitous and shoehorned in - especially since quite few of my other Exchange stories had already featured (or were dominated by) grand-slam smackdowns. Mehh, time for a change....



snuffysam 1st May 2019, 2:13 AM
This was a great exchange piece, Jon! Honestly, I'm shocked you managed to get a coherent and consistent color palette out of my site, lol.

I was (and still am) also quite impressed with the amount of details you snuck into here! Mizuki elbowing King Zebugu on the front of the book, the Tuue action figure being sold in the bottom middle panel, and the Giant Fire-Breathing Landsquid being assembled on the previous page... it's all amazing!