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SOCC: FuryCon 2

23rd Apr 2019, 4:50 AM in Son of Crossover Crisis!
SOCC: FuryCon 2
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Author Notes:

Cartoonist_at_Large 23rd Apr 2019, 4:56 AM
My Furycon story is unusual in that it is (thus far) the only Crossover Exchange story to have gotten shorter between the scripting stage and the final product, rather than longer. Normally, as I draw it up, I keep thinking of new gags, new lines of dialogue, new things for various characters to do; resulting in more more panels, those extra panels spilling over onto the neighbouring pages.... and, eventually, a story rather longer than originally intended. This time, however, due to various time commitments from other sources, I realised that the story as planned (five whole pages worth!) simply wasn't doable; so I had to trim it down to a more manageable three. There was, for example, a whole 'nother page in between page 1 and 2: page one finished not with the Galaxy Knights ringing Tony, but him coming over and introducing himself after hearing Pejiba bemoaning the lameness of their booth. The extra page featured a comedic misunderstanding by the Knights over why Tony was visiting:
MIZUKI: 'You're from Tony's Comic Utopia? That big big booth over there?'
PEJIBA: 'The one with all the merch?'
CAHE: 'And fancy advertising?'
MIZUKI: 'And customers?'
PEJIBA: '*Groan* Okay, we get the message - we're dragging down property prices just being here. We'll be gone in five minutes--'
TONY: 'No, No, Wait! We want to help!'
before he calls in his FuryCon Renovation Force (the first panel of this page); with all the other panels filling up page 3 instead. It was a shame to lose that conversation, but it did help tighten up the story and make it more pacy.... and actually allow me to get the glob-dang thing finished....