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The 2017 Character exchange, page 2

22nd Feb 2018, 2:08 AM in The Cosmos Crossover Crisis!
The 2017 Character exchange, page 2
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Cartoonist_at_Large 22nd Feb 2018, 2:08 AM
As with my earlier Cosmos / Curse Quest crossover story, I showed The Knight's interaction with the Cosmos gang through a set of three vignettes, allowing me to present a bunch of different scenarios without having to use up valuable story time getting anyone to or from them. It also fits with the fact that the Knight is narrating the story, and relating various anecdotes relevant to what he's talking about at the time. As a testament to his character, even though he has ended up on a very peaceful world, and does not have to worry about watching his back or battling some terrible enemy, his code of honour dictates that he still must 'fight the good fight'; even if it is something as mundane as helping Macy set up her latest art exhibition. Anything he can do to help someone, somewhere, still counts as fulfilling his mission....