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Blog - Cosmos: Old School (2002) - part seven

Cosmos: Old School (2002) - part seven

by Cartoonist_at_Large

Last time on cosmos: Old School - Artie and Gene were bound for a Planet of the Apes Swap Meet, when the guy drawing the story got distracted....
and they found themselves in a prehistoric jungle! Aided (or maybe just hindered) by a map of the artist’s subconscious, the Boys found their way to the
hometown of the superhero Guardian Angel - and the villainous Enforcers!

Above: Only Artie and Gene could calmly deliver a lecture on the history of cartoon fight scenes while the real thing rages about five steps away from them....
let alone become thoroughly bored with it by the end of the page! Aside form this decidedly surreal commentary, the other gag here is that no matter how much the
Enforcers whale on Guardian Angel (who seems to be giving back as good as she’s getting), her glasses are not even so much as being knocked crooked!
Those must be some spectacles. These days, though, she’s swapped them out for a snazzy pair of goggles.... along with a completely new outfit....

Above: Ohhhh, GA does not look happy - I’m very glad the Boys fled when they did, because otherwise the rest of this story would have been significantly.... shorter.

Above: The ‘service elevator’ was not simply a shortcut for Artie and Gene, it was also an item of narrative convenience for me - rather than repeating the
‘wander around the Mental Badlands / find another random crossover opportunity / go there’ motif who knows how many times, I was able to shuttle the
pair through quite a few parallel worlds within the space of six panels; either visually or by inference. But did it deliver them to their destination?

Above: Nope! Obligatory Transformers reference!

Above: For Artie and Gene, the Fourth Wall is not so much a barrier as a gossamer thin veil that can be removed with one sharp tug. Yep, that is indeed
me in my richly-furnished ‘artists studio’, being given the stern words treatment by my loyal employees. Did I mention how much respect and reverence
I get from these guys? Yehhhh, about that much....

Above: I hate to say it, but panel four is about as true to life as it can get - I am frequently juggling several comic strip (or other) ideas at once, primarily
because Idea B shows up half way through drawing up Idea A, I remember I should have written down Idea C already while A and B are fighting it out;
and Idea D comes about as a result of waking up in a groggy and befuddled state, forcing me to get up and scribble down the random nonsense
that popped into my head before I could stop it! Oh, and that is one EXTENSIVELY researched straitjacket I’m wearing at the end....

Train of Thought is complete - Friday brings us the first half of The Fridge that Time Forgot!