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Blog - Cosmos: Old School (2000) - part twenty-one

Cosmos: Old School (2000) - part twenty-one

by Cartoonist_at_Large

Time for part two of our Old-School 2000 Christmas extravaganza! The strips in both part one and two, I note, are divided (even alternating) between the exploits of the
main cast -mostly Artie and / or Gene - and various random Cosmosians. I’m not sure why I chose this patternicity  to proceeedings: I guess I just like things to have a
sense of order to them, even if it isn’t immmediately obvious (or even recognised as such) by my audience. But anyway, enough about my eccentricities....

Top: Artie Deacon, chief Christmas present wrapper for the Cosmos staff office Christmas tree - chosen partly for his attention to detail and artist-level gift-wrapping abilities,
no doubt. I’d imagine, though, that his heaps of cunningly-disguised presents are a constant lure to the curious and impatient.... in other words, consistently Gene.
Bottom: Is this where I got the idea for the novelty ‘unpoppable’ Christmas cracker that recently showed up in my current new-School Christams story? Possibly.
It’s also another sterling dialogue-free Cosmos strip..... Ahhh, I wish I still had the knack to do those properly....

Top: yes, that’s right - I invented an entire board game and developed an entire Cosmos strip around it just so I could spring an appallingly-bad pun on you at
the end. I’ve done it before, and I’m certainly going to do it again.... Deal with it.
Bottom: A bored Gene is a dangerous Gene. A bored Gene with access to sharp, pointy-ended objects? Well, that’s just asking for trouble.

Top: The hazards of writing a Christmas list are many varied - lack of item organisation, running out of ink (or terminally breaking your only pencil), the risk of asking
for too much - but this one’s a new one on me. And by the looks of things, I’m STILL forgetting to put the head phone / ear covers on my Type Four Cosmosians - perhaps
that’s why he’s covering the sides of his head in most of the panels, to hide his embarrassment....
Bottom:  Gene and electronics.... well, they have a checkered history together. Either his attempts to ‘improve’ on what technology has given him result in something
so overly-complicated and / or impractical that merely turning it on is inviting disaster to pay a visit; or - in the case of Christmas displays, as shown here - his insistence on
‘just a little more power’ causes major headaches for his friends.... and neighbours.... and Pago Grande’s major electricity suppliers.... Oh, Gene.