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Blog - Cosmos: Old School (2000) - part twenty

Cosmos: Old School (2000) - part twenty

by Cartoonist_at_Large

You know your comic strip has ‘made it’ when you’re producing a second consecutive set of Christmas strips for a second festive season, and you don’t even feel as if
you’re running out of steam. That is an eventuality I never would have even imagined when I first started Cosmos back in January of 1999; but here we are! Given that it is
(very conveniently) mid-December when I’m typing this up, I’m splitting Cosmos’ Christmas 2000 AD into a double-feature; just so we can savour the deranged
holiday humour a bit longer....

Top: A watched pot may never boil - but Gene has never been one to stand down in the face of common sense! This is another of my ‘the point of the whole strip only
becomes clear in the final panel’ situations - despite the rather obvious decorations in the background, we don’t actually know what Gene is even doing until he reveals it
to us at the end..... at which point, it all makes sense. Well, from his perspective, anyway....
Bottom: One wonders how many times this scenario played out in real life - I’m guessing quite frequently, based on the general inability of the male gender to
pick up unbelievably, mind-bogglingly obvious hints. But lady, seriously! That other guy might’ve been a fantastic kisser! Did you even give him a chance?

Top: the first appearance of what has become a bit of an annual Christmas tradition - my obligatory ‘Holiday Sale Junk Mail’ joke, based on my observation that -
as stated above - the sheer volume of junk mail one gets at this time of year is frankly.... obscene. It’s not always easy to stop this gag from becoming a one-trick pony,
but I think I’ve managed successfully so far....
Bottom: Is Gene seriously that greedy, or is he just messing with everyone’s heads? A little from column A, a little from column B, sadly.

Above: a pair of Christmas tree jokes; one trading on my experiences in the Southern Hemisphere, where Christmas comes during the summer months
(I know! Crazy!), and the second.... well, hats off to Gene for raising the bizzarro-factor of proceedings for the third strip in a row. He does have a point though:
how exactly do you properly display a Christmas tree in a comic strip panel that’s far wider than it is tall?