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Blog - Cosmos: Old School (2000) - part sixteen

Cosmos: Old School (2000) - part sixteen

by Cartoonist_at_Large

Let’s be honest here: Cosmos is weird, right? Odd characters, strange situations, utterly out-of-left-field ideas.... it was nothing like any comic book or strip I’d done before - partly because it, y’know, lasted more than two months - and allowed me to really cut my teeth on proper short-form story-telling. And speaking of weird comic strips....

Top: In the early days (and even up into the ‘New School’ iteration of Cosmos, it has to be admitted), I had the habit of writing very.... explain-y dialogue; which could in
many cases be severely clunky, and sound a bit like the over-enthusiastic oratory of an infomercial. This strip is (somewhat) guilty of this crime - if I were doing this strip
again now, Gene’s gushing testimony would be far more succinct. ‘If you can say it in five words, don’t say it in twenty’, should be the rule. Artie’s rejoinder
in panel 3, however, is perfectly-worded comedy gold. He does cut rather nicely to the heart of an issue, does Mr. Deacon....  
Bottom: this is one of the reasons I am (sometimes) extremely glad I don’t exist in a cartoon universe - when even the value of pi cannot be relied upon,
then you know you’ve got problems!

Above: Never let it be said that I don’t try to educate and inform the cartoonists of the future.... even if at the same time I gleefuly subvert the rules
of how a ‘How to Draw’ tutorial is supposed to go! And it’s in colour, too, which makes it even better....

Above: another exploration into the tangibility and / or interactivity of the visual representations of thought and speech - I have no idea where this idea came from,
but if it’s like any of the other ones of its ilk, then perhaps that’s all for the best. And I do believe this might the very first official appearance of the one and only
Professor Pod in Cosmos! Even though he doesn’t get any dialogue, or have his name mentioned (a common theme for first appearances in this strip, I have to say),
his presence was yet another link in the evolving chain-work of the world of Cosmos....