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Blog - Cosmos: Old School (2000) - part one

Cosmos: Old School (2000) - part one

by Cartoonist_at_Large

The thing about Macy is, underneath her tough-barbs-and-sarcasm attitude, she’s actually rather insecure. okay, very insecure. before she joined our little group, her artistic aspirations were deader than disco; and her life as a whole was running on empty. Sure, we’ve managed to make her outlook a lot brighter (especially me, her oh-so-significant other) - but she’s still chock-full of tasty, tasty neuroses. And back in 1999, she was more fragile than most:

Yehhhh.... Let’s just say Macy was sorta prone to flipping out at the drop of the hat in those days, usually over the trendiest anxiety-of-the-week
(you should’ve seen her during the Colossal Corn Crisis of ‘01!). And, of course, Gene wasn’t exactly helping matters....

What do I love most about Macy? Her art, of course! Hand her a pile of junk and some tools, and she can create a thing of true beauty in no time
flat.... and then sell it for a tidy profit soon after, too! But when artisitc talent and paranoia combine in her brain, the results can be.... interesting....

Yup, I knew all about good conspiracy theories, and Y2K was anything but - it was hokum, through and through! Well, apart from those rolling blackouts in Melvinville.... and the weird lights in the sky.... and those microwaves that lead that protest march for equality-- anyway! Macy had backed herself into her own little corner, so it fell to us to coax (okay, forcibly drag) her out of there! And wouldn’t you know it, Gene had a cunning plan: