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Blog - Cosmos: Old School (1999) - part ten

Cosmos: Old School (1999) - part ten

by Cartoonist_at_Large

Cosmos is not Earth. Despite the preponderance of human-style pop culture in the strip, and the strong resemblance Cosmosian society bears to our own, the two planets
are not mirror-images of one another. Case in point: the wildlife. As shown in the last chapter, the locals don’t have pet cats, they have furry, anaconda-bodied cat-snakes -
and you’d think that the same sort of rule would apply to whatever the Cosmosian equivalent of a dog is, right? Well, it does now.... but it didn’t back in 1999, apparently:

Those are clearly terrestrial, Earth-style canines, aren’t they? Yes indeed, they are - something of a problem canonicity-wise, since (apart from one further ‘Beware of the dog’
strip in 2000) the Cosmosian ‘dog’ became a short-tempered, sea serpenty-looking thing with fins in place of its ears and legs; typified by Murph’s future arch-nemesis,
‘The Dog Next Door’. Much like Gene’s newspaper strips, they are a continuity speed-bump I can’t quite iron flat....

Gene’s calculated assault on logic and common sense continued unabated in the successive strips - he may have been a passive (and often silently baffled) participant in
the ‘Beware of the Dog’ strips, but when he’s on-form, reality generally just has to get out of his way. Artie, as ever, is the calm, unflappable eye of the storm - which is
probably why they make such a great double act. I have to say, though, Gene’s idea of coffee seems to be something you’d want to approach with a whip and chair;
or in the worst case scenario, a heavy suit of armour....