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Blog - Cosmos: Old School (1999) - part seven

Cosmos: Old School (1999) - part seven

by Cartoonist_at_Large

Hmm, I wonder how many Red Shirts they were budgeted for per week? If the average number of expendable crew members the ‘Star Trek’
away missions chewed through every episode is any indication, it must have been extremely expensive! And did the Red Shirts have stunt doubles?
Or were they themselves stunt doubles? There is a theory that Red Shirts are merely the product of an on-board vending machine--
Ah, but I digress....

ep, there I am, decked out in my ‘I love Trek’ badge and Federation insignia cap, ready (with the assistance of my co-pilot) to annoy the crew of the
Starship Denterprise more thoroughly than anyone had annoyed them before! Ah, yes, the promise of primo collectibles, from simple photographs
to battle-scarred hull plates - the anticipation was almost unbearable! (Huh, I’ve just realised: shouldn’t they have been calling us ‘Trekkers’ rather
than the clearly derogatory ‘Trekkies’? Bad Form, Bad form....)