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Stand by for action!

by Cartoonist_at_Large

Hello there! Jon Kay, cartoonist-at-large, reporting in! Now that I've got some semblance of a site hashed out, and there's some actual content on it, I feel it's high time I got mah blog on! 'Cause I've got some explaining to do. As a comic strip, Cosmos has been around since -wait for it - 1999, but it's only very recently that I've had enough time in my life to seriously think about putting it up online; let alone knowing there were sites like this on which to put it! My little world has two main era: the 'Old-School' age (1999 - 2007), where I hand-laid out, hand-drew, hand-lettered and hand-everything'd my strip, with fairly small panels and rather cramped text (especially if there was lot of it, which - more often than not - left less room for drawing than was desirable); and the 'New-School' age (2008 - right now), when I got myself a scanner and a laptop, and was able to draw much bigger comic strip panels - two per page, rather than two rows of four per page as before - and add all the dialogue, sound effects etc. on top in Adobe Illustrator and / or InDesign; and resize everything to fit pretty much any situation. So revolutionary! The strips I'm posting up at the moment are all new-school strips, in chrono-illogical order.... But wait! I hear you cry, why haven't you started with the old-school strips, and give us Cosmos from Day zero? Well, there's several reasons for that: one, the new-school strips are all already digitalised, and are rarin' to go right now. Two, the majority of the old-school strips (like, 90%) haven't even seen the inside of a scanner yet, let alone been whipped into shape for website-readiness. And third, I thought presenting Cosmos in its refined form first, and giving you something sharp and snazzy to familiarise yourselves with, would be better than forcing you to slog through my archaeological-grade pen-scratchings without proper preparation....

But don't despair! Once I've served up the first new-school story or so, and built up enough of an audience to understand what the deal is, then I will gladly unveil the history of Cosmos in part-work form, in and around the new-school stuff, with all proper footnotes and documentation - because, hey, now that you know the whole 'Cosmos back catalogue' thing exists, you'll just be dying to know what's in it, right? Yep, thought so.....