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Festive season triple-shot!

Festive season triple-shot!
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Cartoonist_at_Large 26th Nov 2020, 6:21 AM
One of the downsides of putting together the Old-School Cosmos selections is that not all the comics are exactly amenable to being restacked in a two-by-two panel grid: such as these three widescreen troublemakers. Since they only had one panel, which sprawled all the way across the page in one deliberately-obtrusive slab, I couldn't chop 'em in half and make a nice rectangular brick out of them! Thus, I have corralled the tyrannical trio and given them their own page (Happy, you three? It's all about you, just like you've always wanted!); and given our audience a triple-strength dose of the wonders of Cosmos, Old-School styles - there's a cautionary tale of not getting between Gene and the restaurant's Christmas buffet (top); the benefits of teamwork (or the lack thereof) in putting together a celebratory message (middle); and - leading into the final selection of strips in this story - teetering on the brink of Christmas Sale Season at Cosmos' premiere department store chain, Stuff-U-Like (bottom). Cue the laugh track, Jeeves, we're going in....